A Message from the Outgoing President
(Annual Report for 2017)

The Society has continued to work toward our long term goals regarding the preservation of our historic museum building and the recommendations from our 2007 Capes Survey.

A construction grant was received from the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust for the following exterior recommendations from our 2014 Preservation Plan (these are some but not all of the recommendations in the plan):

Front and rear porches: Prepare and paint floors and woodwork.
Doors and trim: Prepare and paint main and storm doors, make necessary adjustments.
Windows throughout: Remove sash, strip and repaint all surfaces, restore glazing. Add new weather stripping and restore hardware. Restore existing storm windows and provide new storm windows as necessary.
Eaves: Prepare and paint all woodwork. Replace crown moldings to match historic originals.
Patch a gap in the crown molding at the peak.
West gable end ornamentation: Investigate arched opening use at the vents and windows. Replace wood panel, prepare and paint all other wood elements.

The project should be starting this spring and will be managed by HMR Architects of Princeton, NJ.

This year again there were many programs for the public.
Scout and Eagle Scout projects were completed in the ruins of the old cemetery.
Also new this year is our automatic lighting system along the front walkway.

Our website has seen improvements and the museum exhibits continue to bring our history alive.

Sincere thanks to all the dedicated, hardworking members working behind the scenes who keep the Society relevant to the community!

Mary Ann Kordys