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Union School as venue for a public auction, early 1900s


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19th Century NJ Architecture: Innovation & Industrialization

Saturday, 4 November 2023 2-4 pm

Washington Township Public Library
34 East Springtown Road
Washington Township, NJ  07853

Janet W. Foster is a former professor of architectural history at Columbia University and a noted architectural historian, author and preservationist.  Join us as Janet examines the innovations which made possible the beauty and function of 19th-century architecture.

Architecture in 19th century America moved away from the different vernacular forms of settler groups to a recognizable national set of forms and styles. New Jersey was central to this, because of the confluence of influential architects practicing in  the state and the rise of industrial production of construction materials. This brief survey of 19th century architecture  focuses on the ways NJ led the nation in the development of suburbs, the use of nails in construction, and the introduction of new technologies like electricity into homes and businesses.

Evening Cemetery Walk- Join Our Evening Tours and Hear “Former” Long Valley Residents Tell Their Tale!

Saturday, 28 October, 2023, 6-8 pm.  Please arrive between 6 and 7:15 pm.
Raindate  29 October, 2023, 6-8 pm.   Please arrive between 6 and 7:15 pm.

Old Union Church Cemetery
6 Fairview Avenue, Long Valley NJ  07853

Step back in time and experience the captivating stories of the past with the Washington Township Historical Society (WTHS) as they conduct live tours of the historic Old Union Church Cemetery.  Tours will be about 50 to 60 minutes in length and will be conducted in small groups moving from one gravesite to the next.

As you embark on this unique adventure, you will be guided by lantern light through the historic cemetery, meeting  costumed re-enactors who will bring to life the stories of former residents interred at the gravesite.  From farmers to blacksmiths, stone carvers to suffragettes, and even soldiers and victims of the Revolutionary War, the cemetery holds tales of Washington Township’s rich history waiting to be discovered.

With each step, you will be transported to a time long past, as the stories etched in the gravesites come alive through the vivid portrayals of the re-enactors.  Listen in awe as they share the struggles, triumphs, and secrets of the past, shedding light on the lives of those who once called Washington Township home.

The cemetery tours are open to the public, although please note they may not be suitable for individuals needing wheelchairs or children in strollers, due to the terrain.   You may bring your own flashlights, just don’t wave them around a lot.

A Walk Through Middle Valley

Saturday 7 October 2023 2-4pm

Washington Township Public Library
34 East Springtown Road
Washington Township, NJ 07853

Eileen Stokes holds a degree in history from Trinity College. A resident of Washington Township since 1982, EIleen was first appointed to the  Washington Township Historic Preservation Commission in 1991 and currently serves as its Chairman.

Stitches in Time: Three Hundred Years of Fashion in the Garden State

10 May 2023

Over the years, the descendants of the Livingston and Kean families lovingly preserved and packed away the previous generation’s belongings in attics, basements, closets, drawers, and yes, even underneath floorboards. This fashionable presentation tells the story of a way of life that has vanished from the Garden State and shows how fashion has changed over the last three centuries.

Pathways of History Weekend

7 May 2023

Celebrate Pathways Weekend with indoor and outdoor tours of the historic Union Schoolhouse and the historic Union Church cemetery. Cemetery tours, focussing on the graves of the earliest founding families and of Revolutionary War veterans, will be conducted on the hour.

Re-Enacting the Civil War

15 April 2023

Learn about the uniforms, organization and the command and control of a Civil War regiment. Phil and Lauri Berg have been re-enacting the Civil War for 30 years as members of the 33rd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Phil is Colonel and Commander of the Mifflin Guard Battalion.

Rago’s Auction House Free Jewelery and Watches Valuation Event

4 March 2023

Jewelry specialists Diane Batista and Sarah Retallick from Rago Wright Auction House offer a free jewelry and watches valuation event.

Refinement and Unity: The Development of American Architecture in the Eighteenth Century

12 November 2022

Janet W. Foster is a former Professor of Urban Planning and Historic Preservation at the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University and is an active historian, author, consultant and preservationist.

Colorful Barber Bottles

2 October 2022

Mike Bienvenue is a former WTHS President and has been digging and collecting vintage and antique bottles for over 53 years.

Memories of Long Valley Ago

24 September 2022

Three longtime residents Charlie Van Stone, Pete Gartlemann and Doc Miller share their memories of their lifetimes in Long Valley.

Historic Railroading in Morris County

21 May 2022

Bob Pennisi is a former career employee of the Erie Lackawanna railroad. Bob has written 8 books and has edited and formatted 25 books on the subject of railroading in the Northeast.  With over 20,000 photos that he took himself, he supplied the illustrations for over 100 other books.  The slides and negatives in his personal collection number over 50,000.

Colonial Religion in Long Valley

23 April 2022

Pastor Timothy Wengert is Professor Emeritus of Reformation History, is an adjunct Professor at Princeton Theological seminary and has authored and edited over 20 books. His wife Pastor Ingrid Wengert is current pastor of the Zion Lutheran Church.

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